Bonsai Driftwood for Your Fish

When you look at driftwood, think that it has more purposes other than beautification in your aquarium.  Driftwood is a good source of food for your fish and it can also be beneficial for certain types of fishes in terms of its ability to provide space strictures within the aquarium.

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More Benefits

Going to details, here are the advantages of driftwood for your pets.

  • Provide Food

Get down to researching about the possibility that your fish may be better off munching on driftwood than not.  Some species are naturally eating it or the algae living on it for nutritional benefits.  For example, some catfish types are known to eat driftwood.

If you’ve got plecos, increase the presence of driftwood, since these animals have mouths that are specially-shaped for scraping on it.  Nutrients from driftwood include cellulose and lignin.

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  • Provide Hiding Places

Some fish species are uncomfortable with bright lighting and prefer staying in places where it is a little bit dark.  Driftwood can provide those resting spaces.

Those relaxation areas can also be utilized as hiding areas.  If your pets have different sizes and you notice frequent fighting among them, place driftwood on the corners.  Smaller fishes will have these places to run to when under attack by the bigger ones.

  • Enhance Dissolved Oxygen Presence

Allow continuous presence of plants such as moss and algae by providing them driftwood surfaces to thrive in, and you will ensure unending supply of dissolved oxygen for your fishes.

  • Improve Water Chemistry

When choosing the best driftwood for your aquarium, consider the natural habitat of your pets, especially the acidity level of the habitat’s water.  The presence of driftwood in your aquarium will cause water acidity to rise up or go low.

Your pets may get ill, or feel better, or worse die, due to that change.  If they came from the Amazon River or neighboring areas, they are used to water that is soft and acidic.  Get African Mopani or Malaysian driftwood for them.  Fishes from the Rift Valley live better in an environment that is less acidic.  For this fish, tap water may be provided, and use decorations other than driftwood.  Driftwood is usually acidic.

Use Bonsai Driftwood

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One of the best choices out in the market is the bonsai type of driftwood.  It can give all the good things mentioned above, and if you pick the most naturally-cured bonsai driftwood, you can have a very safe food source for your fish.

When choosing, make sure that it doesn’t float on the water or you’ll have a hard time in anchoring.  Also, check out if the tannin will leach into the water, or you’ll turn it reddish like tea.

For this project, you will shell out $80 per piece on the average.  In some aquarium stores, you can get one for $65 or as high as $95.  Check out for special sale offers on precious items like “driftwood bonsai on rock” and “Christmas bonsai tree”.

Just don’t forget that the ultimate beneficiaries of this purchase are those swimming little creatures which bring joy to your life every day.

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