August 13, 2017

Bonsai Driftwood Aquascape

More and more people take care of home decoration, especially the decoration with natural things such as aquarium moss tree, underwater bonsai tree, bonsai driftwood aquascape. This is a model that creates green space but does not take up space. Depending on the aesthetic taste of each person, there is so many ways to combine bonsai driftwood and aquatic moss or possibly the various aquatic creatures.

If your style is simple, gentle you can use a bonsai driftwood with the small aquatic moss above and cover with green grass. You will have an extremely cute and equally lively model. Or you want to have a small green island right in your home, choosing an underwater bonsai tree which is intermingled with a variety of green trees mixed with large tablets to create blocks, small stones and sand make way, is a very perfect and accurate option. You can also create a mysterious wild model with many long-stemmed bonsai driftwood aquascape, using dark colored stones and dark green plants. Do not stop there, you can also set up a small tropical forest with bonsai driftwood which has branches below.

So you can completely design your own underwater bonsai tree model to express your personality as well as the space you want to decorate.

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