Bonsai Driftwood

Bonsai Driftwood was born from the idea of using natural driftwood to create a mini looking bonsai.
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Each of our aquascape trees are handmade by our talented artists using natural driftwood pieces. We sort the finest driftwood from Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore and all countries nearby in the Asia Pacific. With passion for art and nature, our artists have shaped driftwood pieces into an awesome looking aquarium bonsai driftwood tree. Each aquascape tree takes about 7 days with the minimum of 4 artists to make, then 1 day to pass quality control before we move them from our Asia manufacture to our US warehouse here in Texas. With more than 10000+ pieces in stock and a big collection of shape, size and style. Each of our aquarium bonsai driftwood trees is unique. What you see in the picture is what you will receive. Below are groups of tree recommended to be used for different places in your tank. When you click one of the group, we will show you different models/styles/sizes in the same category Now!! It’s time to check out what we have available on the web for you....
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