TT7 (6" tall)

Center display is one of the most famous way to display a nice-looking piece of bonsai driftwood. Bonsai tank is what we call this set up. This is a very easy way to set up and maintain a tank. Most of the time, people will lay an even, thin dark substrate first then add in a few small rocks to build the surface. Then we build the center a little high with substrate and place our bonsai driftwood piece in the center. For the greenery look, we recommend to use mosses/bucep or any small plants. There are so many mosses you can use such: Minifisident/ Java / Christmas / Moss ball and so much more. In this demonstration, we used moss balls for all our displays. Below is our list of models we recommend for center set up. Make sure you leave about 3 inches for the bottom and about 4 inches on top so your bonsai driftwood piece will be an awesome showcase piece for your room! Browse our collection of driftwood centerpieces for aquariums below!
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