Damaged Goods
Unfortunately, bonsai driftwood are sometimes broken in shipping.

We ask that you report to BONSAI DRIFTWOOD the receipt of a damaged product within 6 hours of delivery and do not discard the damaged item and its packaging.Please follow these steps :
1 – Photos of damaged box unopened (if you received an damaged box)

2- Photos of broken items ( if you received a broken items ) and the box opened

3- Send all your photos and order #number to info@bonsaidriftwood.com

If you fail to report damages in this time frame, we won’t be able to file a claim with the carrier which means we can’t accept responsibility for the damages.

Once you notify us that your product was damaged, Bonsai Driftwood will file a claim with the shipper. Claims typically take 8-10 business days to process. Please do not discard the damaged product or the packaging. Typically the shipper will be dispatched to pick the item up for inspection and processing. We’ll need your help in making it available for pickup on the scheduled date and time.

In most cases, we are able to send a replacement products at no cost to you as soon as the damaged one has been picked up.