January 21, 2020

DIY step by step detail how we build bonsai driftwood set up – DIY Aquarium using Driftwoods

Hello friends and families, We are so excited to share with you guys this set up. In this video, we will show you the detail step by step how we create our favorite model “The 1 minute set up “


Lets get started………………

– We want to create a little bridge that has small trees and some white rock

– First we put the 2 driftwood pieces together to create the base

– With the combination of BonsaiDriftwood glue and powder. We can get the 2 driftwood pieces to hold together with a strong bond.

– Add in a few small piece to give more detail and create the depth in our set up – Measure in the aquarium tank to make sure our layout will fit

– To create a tree, first we will need a center piece for a guide

– Add fine root driftwood( different sizes) in different direction to create the tree texture

– Use luxu driftwood to create small branches

– Use glue and powder to connect all pieces together.

– For the second tree. With a different technique, we use 3-5 long fine root driftwood to make the trunk then use luxu driftwood for the top.

– After the second tree is ready. We then add it to one end of our layout.

– Using the same technique. We make tree number 3.

– Its time to tight the whole layout together.

– With small fine root driftwood, we now connect all the tree together by making the root coming out and wrap around the base.

– Everything look good so far………

– Trim off some of the extra-long root for a cleaner look

– Our layout is ready, now lets see how it looks inside an aquarium tank. I think it looks good!!!

– Layout some white sand to create the substrate base. Even them out with a brush

– Add in the layout- move around to find the best position

– Add in some elephant stones

– Add in some small aquarium stones

– Use the brush to pull everything together.

– AND THEN we have a complete looking awesome aquarium set up

Please leave a comment below for any question you might have or any idea you want us to create. Thanks for watching our video. We will see you very soon on another awesome project

. Package include: 10 piece of driftwood mixed size at 10in long.

Fine root driftwood is very rare and very limit to find. Artist use these to create the depth and add detail to their aquarium/ vivarium/terrarium art work. We sourced the highest quality root from Asia and stock them here in the US with less than 50lb. These driftwood is very hot sell. You can use these to create landscape/ build tree/ layout and so much more with your imagination.

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