April 23, 2019

How to Set Up an Aquascaped Aquarium Using a Bonsai dirftwood Moss Tree – Easy Set Up

Hello driftwood aquarium lovers,

Driftwood for aquarium

In this video, we will show you guys how to easily set up an aquarium tank using a bonsai driftwood moss tree.

– Our bonsai driftwood used in this video: BS/BM/BB model

– Our natural driftwood and moss ball are also used from Bonsaidriftwood store

You can check out more available model here

Prepare for this project: 5-gallon tank/ filter/ soil/ bonsai driftwood/ natural driftwood / moss ball / elephant stone

Here is the steps

Step 1: Soak the bonsai driftwood and natural driftwood in water for about 3-6 days or you can just boil them together for the MAXIMUM of 20 minutes. Remember this guys

Step 2: break your moss ball into big flat pieces and small pieces

Step 3: add moss to tree – you can add big pieces onto the flat top part then fill in with the smaller pieces. – You can use aquarium glue to keep the moss on if you prefer to – for most of my aquarium tanks, I do not need to use glue as moss ball will not float so they barely fall off the tree – but its your reference guys

Step 4: Add soil to tank – smoothen them out- make sure they get a good coverage all over the tank bottom about 1/2 in, this will help your elephant stone and all driftwoods stable on its surface.

Step 5: Add in the natural driftwood; my driftwood in this case have a curve look so i used it as a cave/ hole/ bridge so maybe my fishes can go under this then swim up – definitely will look pretty awesome

Step 6: now we add in the aquarium moss tree, make sure we press the moss tree down a little then maybe add some soil over the base to create a natural looking set up for this rock base. 

Step 7: time for some elephant stone (ancient stones) , I like to use some small size with lots of character and lay them low in front of the aquarium moss tree so I can be able to see the different in the ancient stones color and my moss tree base color

Step 8: lets add some greenery now, I usually like to add some moss around the stone or on some part of the natural driftwood so I can get that greener look for my whole aquarium set up

Step 9: fill up my new and super easy aquarium set up with moss ball, aquarium moss tree and some Elephant ( ancient stones)

Step 10: Sit back, maybe grab a beer and enjoy the beautiful looking aquarium

PLease let us know if you have any question and anything we can help so you can start your 1st aquascaping. We are looking forward to see awesome idea you come up with.

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Here is some information about Bonsai Driftwood.

• •Natural Fish Tank Decoration –Bonsai driftwood tree is made from genuine driftwood and crafted into small landscape pieces perfect for organic tank layouts.

• •Helps Balance pH Levels – Driftwood bonsai trees contains tannic acid which helps soften and condition the water for healthy, natural balance ideal for fishes.

• •Create a Stunning Theme – Safe for fish, shrimp, and turtles, combine our wood with rocks, moss, water and air plants to create beautiful aquarium, terrariums, mini landscapes and fairy gardens!

• •Easy Care and Maintenance – Before placing this fish tank tree into your aquarium, steep it in boiling water for 20-30 minutes to sterilize it of algae or fungal spores.

• •Unbeatable Quality Assurance – We work hard to ship you high-quality natural trees that are in pristine condition.

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