July 12, 2019

How to Set Up an Aquarium Using Natural Driftwood – Easy Set Up

aquarium driftwood

Hello, Aquarium lovers

In this video, we will show you how to set up a fish aquarium using natural driftwood, gravel, and moss balls.

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With this project, we used a 10-gallon rimless tank, natural driftwood that is about 17 inches,1 3lb of gravel and some moss ball.

Lets get started.

Step1 : first we want to place the driftwood piece first to kind of have a good look from the front.

Step 2: we then add the gravel to secure the driftwood and create a base for the tank

Step 3 : move the gravel around to cover some root – adding some texture such as high ground and low ground to create a depth in the aquarium

Step 4 : we then add some small size Elephant stone which create a bit more texture to our aquarium – we move them back and forth to find the best look

Step 5 : we now add some moss ball to get some greenery look to our tank – We used light color driftwood with white gravel so some green will make the scenery pulled together .

Step 6 : now we add water — and Enjoy!!!!!


BonsaiDrìtwood.com is a online store that is specialize in driftwood/natural driftwood/manmade driftwood. Our goal is making aquascaping as simple as possible so everyone can enjoy the art of aquarium.

Our video series was made with the idea of simplifying the process of setting up an aquarium tank – we are not experts nor claiming to be an expert – our tutorial only demonstrates how to set up a fish aquarium using natural driftwood.

You can visit us : www.Bonsaidriftwood .com to check out what we have available

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