September 30, 2015


Today’s fish tanks are never complete without driftwood for aquarium. Aside from lending a natural appeal to the artificial habitat, driftwood also helps create a realistic environment for the fish where even the beneficial bacteria from the wood contribute to the livability of the fish tank. In other words, it helps the fish thrive in your aquarium as if they are actually living in their original habitat.

driftwood for sale

Because aquarium driftwood and rocks make up a large part of the fish tank, it is necessary to consider some things before you make a purchase in order to make sure that setting them up would be a breeze. You don’t want to risk placing your fish into the aquarium without giving much thought about the safety and aesthetic quality of the natural elements you are going to use; it would be tiresome to start all over again. So here are some tips when buying driftwood for sale:

  • Ask the seller if what he is selling is safe for aquariums. Not all driftwood for sale are ideal for aquatic animals. Even reptiles are often being kept with driftwood in their artificial habitats. These may not be suitable for aquarium use because they might leach harmful substances when submerged in water.
  • Avoid driftwood of dubious source. Do not purchase aquarium driftwood if the seller cannot tell what type of wood they are and where they were obtained. Such wood may be exposed to chemicals which are dangerous for the fish.
  • Choose driftwood for aquarium that releases less tannin. While tannin at low levels does not affect fish negatively, lots of this acid can cause water discoloration and may even reduce the pH of the water inside the aquarium. You have a variety of options for driftwood containing low tannin; Manzanita is among them. However, you can still leach out tannin from other driftwood for sale by soaking it in water before adding it into the aquarium. Doing so will also saturate the driftwood so that it will not bob around the fish tank. Still, you can opt to have the same driftwood if you like the look of “Amazon black water” which is achieved through discolored water.
  • Pet shops are the best places to buy aquarium driftwood. Sellers may even show you how the wood would look like when placed inside the fish tank. But do not rule out other sellers or those that are available online. As long as you are being shown the photos and information regarding the driftwood for aquarium—and also given the right price—you should still consider buying from them. After all, they all need to follow the same process of curing and preparation before they can be added into the aquarium.
  • Old and weathered driftwood may have already lost most of their tannins so you should also consider looking for them when buying driftwood for sale. Not only are they safe for the fish, but they also bring out a more natural look to the aquarium.

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