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Bonsai driftwood is all made by totally natural driftwood & handicraft in many shapes and styles to create natural appearance for your décor choices, mini landscape, natural bonsai layouts by combining well with many types of rock, moss, bucep, plants, air plants

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Each piece is unique in its own way, please expect variations from tree to tree upon receiving.

Treat your Bonsai Tree Driftwood:
Put into your Aquarium after a good rinse under tap water and Soak the bonsai tree in cool water for 3 – 5 days.

Creating green foliage with these types of mosses:
1. Mini Taiwan moss
2. Christmas moss
3. Subwassertang
4. Fissiden Fontaus
5. Peacock Moss
6. Mini Christmas moss
7. Weeping moss
8. Rose moss

Dimensions length = 5 in
width = 4 in
height = 5.5 in

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