What's Bonsai Driftwood

Bonsai Driftwood is all natural driftwood that is handcrafted by our artisan wood workers in many shapes and styles to create a natural appearance. All pieces are completely unique and combine well with many décor choices, landscapes, rocks, moss, buce, plants, and more.

What's Bonsai Driftwood
  • Contains Tannic Acid

    Contains Tannic Acid Tannic Acids soften the water (KH level) therefore lowering the pH level.

  • Easy setup

    Easy to create a beautiful aquascape layout with many kind of rocks.

  • Lasts a Long Time

    Our driftwood is guaranteed to last for an extended time in submerged conditions.

  • Natural Wood

    100 % Natural Wood .No chemicals.

  • Safe for shrimp

    Provides cover for fish, shrimp while stabilizing water environment.

  • Unique products

    Unique Products All of our natural driftwood is handcrafted by our skilled artists in many shapes and styles to create a unique, natural appearance.

Bonsai Videos

  • Aquascape for beginners 01

  • Aquascape for beginners 02

  • Aquascape for beginners 03

  • DIY Aquarium using Driftwoods

Customer’s review

Mar 22 2021

It was nice
Debbie K.

Mar 21 2021

Just what I needed only place that stocks it.
Amy M.

Mar 20 2021

Awesome looking bonsai driftwood.
Jason R.

Mar 05 2021

Looks great and came quicker than I expected.
Thomas W.

Feb 26 2021

Awesome thank you! Great quality and price.
Drew C.

Feb 21 2021

the product made a cool addition to my 125 gal aquarium, with the addition of some moss it looks like a tree is growing in the tank.the combination of bonsai and moss makes a great place for fry to hide out if you have breeding fish.
gordon b.

Feb 01 2021

A little small but great
Glenn G.

Jan 24 2021

Great piece of work. I was sent what was pictured.

Jan 17 2021

Came in good time, undamaged, very excited to set it up!
Shanice C.

Jan 15 2021

Just what we needed for our aquascape and at a great price! The detail on all of these trees is exquisite and very high quality!
Kamila S.

Jan 11 2021

Awesome product came shipped with great care and in a timely matter
Matthew P.

Jan 08 2021

Served as a magnificent centerpiece for my 29 gallon planted tank. Shipping was fast and there were no damages to the tree. Great buy! If I ever need another bonsai driftwood I know where to go.
Katelyn R.

Jan 08 2021

Arrived quickly. Was absolutely what I wanted. Thank you
Michael B.

Jan 04 2021

Looks just as it’s pictured! Even better!
Margaret B.

Dec 29 2020

I ordered the “DLS random pick” and boy did they deliver. As well, they were packaged with great care and I had no sticks break upon opening. Thank you again! -Kevin
Kevin M.

Dec 27 2020

Exactly what I was looking for and I thought there would be less but it was more then I thought. Thank you for your generosity!

Dec 24 2020

Looks just like the pictures! Arrived well packaged!
Margaret B.

Dec 11 2020

very nice ,,
Erik T.

Dec 04 2020

This my second purchase of a bonsai tree and its amazing.The best in the market.Worth every cent....beautiful and crafted with precise details !!!
Edwin C.

Dec 03 2020

My partner laughed at me for being so excited about a literal box of twigs, but they are gorgeous aquascape material, and came in a generous portion. I've had a hard time finding this type of product and next time I am in need of some will be coming right back here. Packaging was very secure and I have no doubt they package more delicate items at least as well, and they shipped and arrived very quickly.
Torrey L.