What's Bonsai Driftwood

Bonsai Driftwood is all natural driftwood that is handcrafted by our artisan wood workers in many shapes and styles to create a natural appearance. All pieces are completely unique and combine well with many décor choices, landscapes, rocks, moss, buce, plants, and more.

What's Bonsai Driftwood
  • Contains Tannic Acid

    Contains Tannic Acid Tannic Acids soften the water (KH level) therefore lowering the pH level.

  • Easy setup

    Easy to create a beautiful aquascape layout with many kind of rocks.

  • Lasts a Long Time

    Our driftwood is guaranteed to last for an extended time in submerged conditions.

  • Natural Wood

    100 % Natural Wood .No chemicals.

  • Safe for shrimp

    Provides cover for fish, shrimp while stabilizing water environment.

  • Unique products

    Unique Products All of our natural driftwood is handcrafted by our skilled artists in many shapes and styles to create a unique, natural appearance.

Bonsai Videos

  • Aquascape for beginners 01

  • Aquascape for beginners 02

  • Aquascape for beginners 03

Customer’s review

Dec 08 2019

Absolutely beautiful!!!
Karen H.

Dec 08 2019

Awesome product that came exactly like pictures on website. Only down side was that thanksgiving sale I missed cuz I bought it 3 days early.
Hengyi C.

Nov 23 2019

Tree was a beautiful addition to my 5 gallons Betta tank. It has been in tank almost two months and looks amazing.
Susan G.

Nov 23 2019

Arrived quickly and in great shape. Was exactly as pictured!!

Nov 22 2019

Great 👍

Nov 22 2019

Fast shipment!
Richard X.

Sep 22 2019

I absolutely love my bonsai tree. Shipping was quick and it was impeccably wrapped for it's journey. The quality is great, perfect for my tank, exactly the tree in the picture that I purchased and came with simply yet detailed instructions. I will definitely buy from this group again.

Sep 21 2019

Better than what it looked like online. Going to buy from them again.
Militza A.

Sep 09 2019

Purchased it almost a month ago. Got it very quickly - very fast shipping. Took me three weeks to soak and get rid of the smell though. Glue the moss on it yesterday and put it in the tank - so far so good:) Tree is looking very good, very real:) thank you bonsaidriftwood guys! berivic
Victor B.

Aug 19 2019

The tree came, and looked exactly as pictured. It came well packed. I would not hesitate to buy again for a future tank. .
Gregory Y.

Aug 17 2019

No problems with the order, one small bit broke in transit but it was easily fixed with some superglue. Overall very happy with my selection
Raven J.

Jul 18 2019

Just as advertised
Dustin B.

Jun 18 2019

I feel as long as you follow the instructions this product is flawless and worth every scent I just wish it would have discolored my water a little bit with some tannins or something but then maybe I shouldn’t have boiled it oh well
Jamez J.

Jun 12 2019

Was happy with timely delivery and most of all my tree. I have had it soaking for almost a week now and it’s ready to attach moss when that finally arrives Saturday. I will definitely buy more once I get my 65 gallon going. My daughter thought it was cool .
Juan V.

May 28 2019

Great purchase. The delivery came way sooner than I expected. And the bonsai I ordered was perfect.

May 27 2019

Using this for my 20 gallon shrimp tank it’s looks beautiful and very unique would definitely recommend
Jarod H.

May 18 2019

Renn S.

May 16 2019

This bonsai driftwood is so perfect and such a cool piece of now living art in my Aquarium. I placed a bunch of Anubis nana petite plants on it and it looks incredible! Thank you for such a great piece of art!
Kimo C.

May 07 2019

Very satisfied with my purchase! Will definitely return when I needed.
Vinny O.

May 06 2019

I'm in love with these bonsai...they look so poetic and made such great aqua scape decorations. Great customer service, had to pick a different model at one time but customer service was very quick in responding. Fast delivery. Package was carefully packed. Very happy with my purchase. Most definitely recommended!
Tri T.


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