What's Bonsai Driftwood

Bonsai Driftwood is all natural driftwood that is handcrafted by our artisan wood workers in many shapes and styles to create a natural appearance. All pieces are completely unique and combine well with many décor choices, landscapes, rocks, moss, buce, plants, and more.

What's Bonsai Driftwood
  • Contains Tannic Acid

    Contains Tannic Acid Tannic Acids soften the water (KH level) therefore lowering the pH level.

  • Easy setup

    Easy to create a beautiful aquascape layout with many kind of rocks.

  • Lasts a Long Time

    Our driftwood is guaranteed to last for an extended time in submerged conditions.

  • Natural Wood

    100 % Natural Wood .No chemicals.

  • Safe for shrimp

    Provides cover for fish, shrimp while stabilizing water environment.

  • Unique products

    Unique Products All of our natural driftwood is handcrafted by our skilled artists in many shapes and styles to create a unique, natural appearance.

Bonsai Videos

  • Aquascape for beginners 01

  • Aquascape for beginners 02

  • Aquascape for beginners 03

  • DIY Aquarium using Driftwoods

Customer’s review

Nov 14 2020

Clay S.

Nov 04 2020

Beautiful tree came all in one piece so big plus however, this tree was packaged with a second tree that was very badly smashed (not bonsai driftwoods fault) and they did everything they could to make it right for us will continue to order bonsai trees here when needed for N.MI AQUA. J.M.

Oct 27 2020

The most awesome bonsai tree I have evered purchased.
Edwin C.

Oct 20 2020

I used mine for a twenty long with my hatchling turtles. So cool seeing turtles basking in a tree!
John N.

Oct 13 2020

This is what I was exactly looking for and the perfect size for my 10g planted aquarium too!
Kenny N.

Oct 11 2020

They are perfect for my aquarium I was trying to send a picture of what I did with my trees. These are the best ones to work with. I love this web site. Very nice.
Larry H.

Oct 05 2020

Although it was a little pricey, it was definitely worth it. It has a home on top of my dragon stone.
Amanda L.

Oct 04 2020

Very nice and well put together looks amazing we are very happy
Devon R.

Oct 03 2020

I originally purchased a large bonsai and elephant stones. I bought the random surprise package and I was honestly blown away with how well crafted it was!! The elephant stones were so unique and came in every size imaginable!! (Purchased the 30lb bag). The package my bonsai came in was VERY secure and safe. Absolutely no damage and very well wrapped. I was so happy I bought another, smaller bonsai 5 days later. I can't wait to continue to do business with this company!!!!
Daniel H.

Oct 01 2020

I received a beautiful piece, perfect for attaching moss and plants. I agree with other reviews that it has quite a strong odor that was especially pungent while it was soaking before going into the tank. It has been in the aquarium about a week, and everything is doing well.
Kim H.

Sep 30 2020

We received a good selection of the roots. The cuts are perfect and easy to incorporate to any scape
Jasmine J.

Sep 28 2020

Looks great as a centerpiece in my tank. I glued cut up Marimo moss balls for the “leaves”. I love it😊
Krystal O.

Sep 26 2020

After the debacle of my first order. I must say they really made good on the return process as well as shipping out the new product with instructions. I really appreciate the ease of the process. Thanks and I look forward to doing business with them again.
Melvin T.

Sep 24 2020

just what i was looking for
Patrick C.

Sep 23 2020

Great company and customer service. Bonsai tree looks great and quality too. Will do business again.
Asten R.

Sep 18 2020

I love how you get exactly what is pictured. Make sure you soak it for a while before hand. leached a lot of tannins and kept it from floating. Couldn't be happier.
Martin K.

Sep 16 2020

Perfect size, great product. Will definitely be order more for upcoming tanks
Alexander A.

Aug 30 2020

It looks amazing in my tank and I am happy that it was delivered fast. :)
Jessica R.

Jun 27 2020

Came quick and safe and looks great in my tank!
Jacob S.

Jun 23 2020

I love the look its a great piece of art. A little smaller than I thought but still satisfied with the purchase
Carlos G.