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Bonsai Driftwood is a well-established driftwood wholesaling enterprise. We are based in Texas, USA with a manufacturing unit in Vietnam. We design the aquascaping and vend numerous aquarium items to fish tank retail businesses. With top-notch fish tank products including exquisite quality and 100% natural driftwood and stones like elephant skin stones, dragon stone, and any kind of aquarium stones you may need. We love to provide aquarium products as per your requirements.

Our products are hardscape ready that means you can just buy and set up your own tank without the need of creating a hardscape. Our products were designed and created in 2000, since then we had shipped to 40+ countries around the world.



Bonsai driftwood is a key element to adorn the aquariums you sell. Attain our fish tank driftwood wholesale supplies for your prospective clients at extremely affordable prices.

Purchase your driftwood for aquariums wholesale provisions from Bonsai driftwood and in return we guarantee 100% quality assurance. Learn more about how we make our product exclusive and distinctive.

If Bonsai is not yet available commercially in your country then take the first step and become pioneer supplier OR it’s a high time to hash-out your competitor with the power of PRICING – Why? Because there is not middle man cut-off. We are EXCLUSIVE MANUFACTURER – NOT RESELLER. We have created BONSAI DRIFTWOOD from scratch, thus we control the market.

Buying from us means lowest price and high profit margin. Our creative professionals are constantly creating new designs and models to impress your customers every time they step in your store.

Did I mention, we control the market – So let us know the lowest offer you find elsewhere (we bet you can’t) – The pricing and quality we are offering is matchless! 


. Comprehensive excavation process:

     We sort the finest driftwood from various countries around Asia Pacific including Singapore, Vietnam and Malaysia. The driftwood that we present you in the wholesale markets undergoes hefty amassing processes.


. Why Bonsai Driftwood For Aquarium?

    Bonsai driftwood contains tannic acid, a component that helps to soften KH level in water. This process further helps in reducing its pH value. Having a balanced pH level ensures safer and durable living conditions for the aqua life your customers would want to keep in uniquely designed aquariums using our natural driftwood.

. Remarkable craftsmanship:

   The all natural driftwood is carefully handled and crafted with precision by our professional artisan wood workers. Order our lofty aquarium driftwood wholesale collection in numerable shapes and styles.

. Exceptional Aquascaping techniques:

   Our driftwood setup exudes brilliance as we combine striking décor choices in bulk and on special custom orders for your businesses. We offer from easy to complex setup for your aquariums, using a wide range of aquatic decors. We exhibit setups like center, side, natural or random styles using our patent products according to your orders and optimization.

. Durable and safe for aqua life:

   Our extraordinary driftwood can last pretty long in submerged conditions and is fool proof harmless to the creatures living inside the aquarium. We testify that Bonsai driftwood is 100% safe for fish and shrimps. It even holds a tendency to adapt and stabilize in the water environment.

. Reliable shipping services:

   Trust us, we deliver your orders with utter vigilance and care. You will find us on toes to answer your queries.

Your shipment will reach you with swift but keen handling. We partner with the most reliable shipment services around and outside the US.

Your product will either ship by box/crate or container – our capacity is 5000 trees/month

Talk to us and we’ll share our route and delivery time with you per requirement


We accept payments via PayPal/Visa/Discover/bank transfer/western union.

We take 30% advanced to initiate the order. The quality will be shared with you before shipment. Remaining 70% must be paid prior to shipping.

Our customer support is available 24/7 all size of order.

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